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Sketched portrait of Alexander HamiltonAs part of its mission to provide accurate and accessible educational resources, the AHA Society maintains a companion website,

This website features original research by the AHA Society, as well as curated content on Alexander Hamilton. By providing information that is not elsewhere available or time-consuming to locate, serves as the principal online source for people wanting to learn about Hamilton. 

Information that can be found on include:

  • The 'All Places Hamilton' database, a AHA Society original collection of historic sites that Alexander Hamilton visited during his lifetime, with historic context as well as visiting information 
  • Original thematic collections of Hamilton quotes
  • A brief biography and timelines of Hamilton's life
  • Quizzes and trivia
  • Links to other Hamilton websites
  • Movies and video clips
  • Links to Hamilton’s original writings and historical documents
  • Recommended books about Hamilton
  • Educational Resources

With your support, the AHA Society can continue to expand with more information and resources.

All Things Hamilton

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