HamilTEN: Hamilton's Top 10

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Alexander Hamilton’s Top Ten Contributions

(in no particular order)


01. Washington’s “Right Hand Man” for 22 Years (1777-1799)

02. Architected America’s Economic System (1789-1793)

03. UNITED the States of America (1787-1793)

04. Called for the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia (1786)

05. Founded the “Federalist Papers” and obtained co-authors (1787)

06. Ratification of the U.S. Constitution in New York, et al. (1788)

07. Military hero in the major battle victory at Yorktown (1781)

08. Implementation of the Executive Branch in the U.S. (1789-1791)

09. Driving force for manufacturing in America (1791-1795)

10. Landmark legal precedents, including “Judicial Review” (1784-1804)


Feel free to copy, use, and distribute this top ten list while giving credit to THE AHA SOCIETY website: www.The-AHA-Society.com

2011 Hamil'TEN': Hamilton's Top 10 Contributions. (c) 2016 The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society
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