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THE AHA SOCIETY currently produces a variety of publications - see below to explore what we currently offer.

Other projects that are currently underway include a two volume book set on "The Essence of Alexander Hamilton's Greatness." Check back periodically to view new publications by THE AHA SOCIETY and our affiliates.

Also, you can read articles that third-party publications have written about The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society on our Events and News Page.


'Letters from Publius' Newsletter

We produce a monthly e-newsletter filled with updates on THE AHA SOCIETY, topical articles, trivia, photos, and other features on Alexander Hamilton and his contemporary America. Join our mailing list to receive 'Letters from Publius' and see our archived newsletters from past months.

Articles from THE AHA SOCIETY

Members of THE AHA SOCIETY and guest correspondents contribute articles on topics such as special events hosted by the society or scholarly explorations of Alexander Hamilton's life. 

Hamilton's Greatest Hits 

What would the world today be like without Alexander Hamilton's contributions? Hamilton's Greatest Hits explores important realities from our past or present and just how much Alexander Hamilton is responsible for them occuring. 


Upcoming Publications

Washington's Indispensable Partner: The Essence of Alexander Hamilton's Greatness, Volume I
This book discusses George Washington’s public service and methodically analyzes who his main partners throughout this time. The results show that Alexander Hamilton was his indispensable partner for 22 years – through the war and through the peace.

America's Indispensable Founder: The Essence of Alexander Hamilton's Greatness, Volume II 
The second book studies the foundations of the United States – the Constitution and its ratification, the three governmental branches, and the economic structure – that allowed the country to go from weak and bankrupt to united and prosperous. This investigation measures exactly what each of the principal founders did to establish our country’s foundations. The results clearly show that Alexander Hamilton was America’s Indispensable Founder.


Note: Our companion website offers a comprehensive database of Hamilton resources and publications. There we focus on current and historic publications on Alexander Hamilton in a variety of mediums (newsletters, websites, books, articles, journals, etc).

Visit our Hamilton database to see third-party publications on Alexander Hamilton.


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