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After reading 51,000 pages on Early American History and 44 biographies and books on Alexander Hamilton, AHA Society Founder Rand Scholet discovered an innovative way to share what he terms The Essence of Alexander Hamilton's Greatness.™

 While analyzing the overwhelming importance of this relatively-unknown Founding Father’s contributions, Mr. Scholet invented a unique approach to educate the American public about Alexander Hamilton. This approach resulted in following two presentations:



"Washington's Indispensable Partner"™ 

This presentation discusses George Washington’s national public service and methodically analyzes who his main partners were in carrying out this service. The results show that Alexander Hamilton was Washington's indispensable partner for 22 years – through the war and through the peace.

"America's Indispensable Founder"

The second presentation discusses the foundations of the United States – the Constitution, the three governmental branches, and the economic system – that allowed the country to go from weak and bankrupt to united and prosperous. This investigation measures exactly what each of the principal founders did to establish our country’s foundations. The results clearly show that Alexander Hamilton deserves the title of America’s Indispensable Founder.


Mr. Scholet is available to give these two presentations to any group, large or small. To date, he has given presentations to:

  • Morristown National Historic Park
  • Hamilton Grange National Memorial
  • Officals and staff from the National Park Service
  • Museum of American Finance 
  • Chapters of the Sons of the American Revolution
  • Society of the Mayflower Descendants
  • Descendants of the Hamilton family
  • Historic Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands
  • Individual Historians
  • And various other history groups

To find out more about inviting Rand Scholet to present to your organization, contact us


C-SPAN 3 American History Coverage

 C-SPAN 3, American History Channel filmed Rand Scholet presenting "Washington's Indispensable Partner" in July 2013. The talk was given as part of the AHA Society's special program Hamilton on the Hudson in Newburgh, New York - just a few blocks away from Washington's famous headquarters in Newburgh. The talk has been broadcast several times on C-SPAN since, and is available to watch for free online. 

C-SPAN coverage breakdown: The video begins with a presentation by author Michael Newton on Washington and Hamilton's relationship throughout the years. Rand Scholet presents "Washington's Indispensable Partner" at minute 0:20:22. This is followed by a panel discussion (beginning at minute 01:16:17) with Rand Scholet,  Michael Newton, and Newburgh Historical Society Director Johanna Porr.

Watch the C-SPAN video.


Examples of Past Speaking Engagments 

Hamilton Grange National Memorial - New York City

grange presentationAs part of the festivities for Happy Birthday Hamilton! 2013, Rand Scholet was invited by the National Park Service to present his talk "Washington's Indispensable Partner" at Hamilton Grange National Memorial. The Grange, the only home Alexander Hamilton ever owned, has recently been restored and is regularly open for touring.

The NPS hosted Rand Scholet's talk as part of its Hamilton birthday festivities. Rand spoke to an over-capacity crowd that spilled out into the accompanying Hamilton exhibit. See more pictures from the event.


Tarpon Springs Historical Society - Florida

presentation 2 6 2013

Rand Scholet spoke at a local history discussion group located in Tarpon Springs, Florida. During the first meeting, Rand spoke to a full room on Alexander Hamilton as  "Washington's Indispensable Partner."

Rand was then invited back to another meeting to give his second presentation on Alexander Hamilton as "America's Indispensable Founder." 


Museum of American Finance - New York City

speaking at moafRand Scholet presented The Essence of Alexander Hamilton's Greatness™, a condensed version of both his main presentations at the Museum of American Finance. The museum, a Smithsonian affiliate, is dedicated to the financial history of the nation and is housed in a building that once housed the Bank of New York (which was founded by Alexander Hamilton). This event was part of CelebrateHAMILTON 2012, a program put on by The AHA Society. 

The room was full with engaged attendees. Among those present were John Herzog, Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the musuem; David Cowen, President and CEO; and Doug Hamilton, 5th great-grandon of Alexander Hamilton.

The presentation's focus on Alexander Hamilton's economic programs is a great option for engagements hosted by financial or economic institutions. Contact this group for a recommendation on Rand as a speaker. 

moaf presentation


Florida Society Sons of the American Revolution - Clearwater, Florida Chapter

Rand was invited to give the first of his two presentations, "Washington's Indispensable Partner," to the SAR Clearwater Chapter, which is the second largest chapter in the state of Florida. Left, President Dan Hooper presents a Certificate of Appreciation to Rand for sharing his exciting new approach to our Founding Fathers. 

Members response included that they "enjoyed the excellent presentation" and that they found it interesting, engaging, and informative. One gentleman said that it had been the most meaningful presentation he had heard in over 30 years as a member of the SAR. 

This presentation is perfect for historical societies or other organizations like the SAR.  Contact this group to hear their recommendation on Rand as a speaker. 

2011 Presentations. (c) 2016 The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society
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