The AHA Society Mission Statement and Logo

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The AHA Society Mission Statement

The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to serving as an open and active resource for factual, well-researched information on Alexander Hamilton and the Founding era. The AHA Society undertakes and encourages quality scholarship in order to end the perpetuation of myths and misrepresentations that have inhibited proper understanding of Alexander Hamilton's life and legacy.


By providing educational tools in a professional and engaging manner, the AHA Society aims to enhance the mainstream public narrative to properly reflect Alexander Hamilton's varied and indispensable contributions to the founding of the United States. It is the AHA Society's ultimate goal that its educational initiatives serve as a catalyst to inspire everyone from students to policy makers to apply lessons from Alexander Hamilton’s life to their own to elevate themselves and their communities. 

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AHA Society logo

The AHA Society Logo

The story behind the logo: the large ‘H’ in front of the double ‘A’ stands for “Alexander Hamilton Awareness.” The 'H' also symbolizes Hamilton's efforts to ‘bridge’ the nation from poverty to prosperity. Likewise, the large ‘A’ that towers above signifies the monumental legacy of Alexander Hamilton. The star is also likened to Hamilton, who was the ‘rising star’ in shaping the national foundations – both the U.S. government and the economic systems. And finally, the US flag motif represents the United States itself, for which Alexander Hamilton dedicated his life to create, unite, and preserve.

2011 Mission and Logo. (c) 2016 The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society
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