About the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society

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Who We Are

The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society is a national 501(c)(3) designated nonprofit educational organization. It was founded in 2011 and today is comprised of its core operational team, regional chapters, and members from throughout the United States, plus international members.

The AHA Society is dedicated to serving as an active resource for all to access factual, well-researched information on the Founding Era, delivered in a professional, non-partisan manner. Through a variety of educational initiatives, the AHA Society aims to be a catalyst in inspiring more people to learn about Alexander Hamilton and apply lessons from his life to their own.

How We Got Started

In 2008, Rand Scholet, a retired IBM Global Services’ and Business Transformation consultant, began a multi-year, in-depth study of the Founding Fathers and the Early Republic. True to his analytical background, Rand sought to quantify the contributions of each of the key Founding Fathers to the political and economic foundations of the United States. He came to the unexpected but undeniable conclusion that one Founder unexpectedly stood out. That Founder was Alexander Hamilton.

While visiting Hamilton-related sites in New York in 2011, Rand met others with the same deep understanding of Alexander Hamilton’s underappreciated but powerful impact on the United States. The passionate consensus that the true story of Alexander Hamilton needed to play a larger role of the historical dialogue brought this group of people together to form the Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society.

Our Mission

The AHA Society first set out to correct the historical record about Alexander Hamilton and increase the dialogue about his life and legacy on a national scale. The society’s scope has since expanded to include providing educational tools for everyone from policy makers to students, to apply lessons from Alexander Hamilton’s life to elevate their lives and address today’s issues.

The AHA Society believes that by creating a more expansive narrative of the Founding period to accurately include Alexander Hamilton, citizens will gain a better understanding of:

• the process in which the US Constitution was formulated and set in motion;
• the importance of sound fiscal policies during the nation’s founding;
• the diversity of opinions and political philosophies among the Founding Fathers, and which of those philosophies proved successful;
• how to apply lessons from the Founding Fathers’ lives to better our own today;
• how to extrapolate facts from the Founding Period to better inform current issues;
• what positive elements the country has positively inherited from the nation’s founding, and what has been lost and needs to be reclaimed;
• the details of the founding story and those who made it happen.

Read the AHA Society Mission Statement. 

Activities of the AHA Society

The AHA Society seeks to raise awareness about Alexander Hamilton through many initiatives that are consistent with its education-based mission.

AHA Society activities include:

For additional current and planned future projects, see the AHA Initiatives section. 

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